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Performances by Echo Ho (DE/CN), Mario de Vega (MX), Alex Nowitz (DE),

Ignaz Schick (DE)

BodyControlled #2 - “matter incompatible” is part of Transmediale & CTM’s Vorspiel, January 26-29.



Thursday, 26.01.2012 8pm
Free Entry (or donate what you like)

Following the first event event of the BodyControlled series, BodyControlled #2

focuses on the idea of incompatible matter. While BC #1 was organized around the concept of “other spaces”, using

the specific architecture at LEAP and provoking it in order to synthesize new environments, BC #2 combines space and sound.

Through exploring the physical reality of sound-instruments and objects, complex acoustic spaces emerge. Sound of any kind - vocals, instruments, vibrations - become a material themselves, a hybrid. Creating Matter-Incompatible, the exhibition focuses on searching for the hidden materiality of acoustics, where distinguishing between live-produced sound and mechanically generated playback becomes a challenging self-observation.

All performances will be available from 20h CET via livestream on bit.ly/uXRgyq.


Find info of LEAP’s second Transmediale exhibition (28.1.-5.2.) here: www.facebook.com/events/340317665985502/


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